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Is What Bradley Cooper Seems like With No Beard?

This early morning, whilst enjoying my cup of coffee, I read this headline on The Daily Mail, "What a difference a shave makes! Bradley Cooper, 39, is nearly unrecognizable as he reveals simple baby face in New York." Ohhh, I believed. Can't wait to discover what that looks like. CLICK.

I had not been, not prepared for what We saw.

On Wednesday in informal clothes splash News apparently captured some photos of the actor strolling around New York, without a locks on his chinny chin chin. And, to be frank, it's rather alarming.

I really like Bradley Cooper in a top-five sort of way-his icy blue eye, that impish grin, the French. Actually, he can do no wrong in my own book-which is why I'm not likely to go into that super normcore outfit he's rocking-but this beardless business is testing my dedication.

In June back, when ELLE.com threw down in a heated whisker debated-Does a beard make a man hotter?!-We watched quietly from the sidelines, because I'm not partial either way. "To each his own beard" is normally my motto. But this look is testing my open-minded maxim.

It's like being offered a plain doughnut, when all you've ever tasted may be the kind with chocolate frosting. You've only ever known the superior version, so why would you ever choose a meh plain doughnut? Without his metaphorical frosting, Bradley Cooper is hot still, it's simply hard when we've got a flavor of his hottest personal. At least choose the glazed doughnut scruffy appear, amirite?

After the initial shock wore off, I started to wonder if this was even Bradley Cooper actually. The clothes (sorry, I understand I stated I wouldn't provide them up), the band on his right hand, the very angular chin...it just doesn't seem right. Could this be a total case of mistaken identification à la the heroic Paul Rudd lookalike incident? Could this you need to be some random, blessed genetically, beardless tourist?

Here's a photo of Bradley Cooper used at London's Heathrow Airport on October 7. Along with his scruffy beard, he's immediately recognizable. And, well, the data is certainly on his body: He's putting on the same cargo pants, ring on his right ring finger, sunglasses, headphones, and even a backpack.

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